Importance Of WordPress Plugins To SEO – Part One

Having a blog is more than just posting everyday. It’s about being seen, not only by people but by search engines as well. Most people use social bookmarking sites to drive traffic to their blogs, but after a few weeks the traffic dies and the blog posts are never seen again. With a few simple plugins and tweaks to WordPress, you can help keep traffic to your blog by optimizing it for the search engines while still writing for your visitors.

Plugins for Search Engines

A blog needs loving from the search engines too. Since a WordPress blog is created dynamically, it is harder for it to rank on the search engines. This is because the coding is meant to be customized and read by the designer, rather than a search engine. The following plugins will help increase your ranking by utilizing simple SEO tactics. This could be the difference between your blog being on the third page of Google or the first page.

It is best if you use some sort of analytic software to track traffic. I prefer Google Analytics because it is a very powerful tool and best of all it’s free.

1. SEO Title Tag

Gets rid of the “blog name >> archive >> post title” and puts the post title as the title of page. This plugin will show the search engine a unique title for each page and with the right keywords, you can keep your traffic going long after the social bookmarking website’s traffic is gone.

2. Head Meta Description

Allows you to add a brief description about each post which will be included in the Meta description. This is a basic SEO tactic.

3. Google Sitemap

Creates an XML sitemap that is automatically submitted to Google and updates it every time you make a new post. This plugin requires you to make an account with Google. Google webmaster tools allow you to see when the last time Google bot has crawled your website.

4. Jerome’s Keywords

Allows you to add keywords for every post, which will be included in the Meta data. This is another basic SEO tactic.

5. WP-Cache

Will make loading time for your blog much quicker, so that visitors don’t have to wait.

Note: Activate this plugin last, because it is very difficult to test the look and feel of your blog with this on since it does not allow your browser to refresh.