HubSpot Tutorial for Beginners – 2020 version

New to HubSpot? Or maybe you’ve used HubSpot in the past and need a quick refresher? Come take a look around in this HubSpot Tutorial for 2020, where we help you better understand the most recent version of HubSpot, how you may want to use the HubSpot tools, and a variety of things to consider with this popular marketing automation platform.

This video reviews key features associated with the HubSpot platform for 2020, and where to find what inside the software.

0:15 – Intro
0:58 – Dashboard
1:11 – Contacts
2:08 – Companies
2:22 – Lifecycle Stages Explanation
3:04 – Activity Feed
3:11 – HubSpot Lists
4:03 – Inbox Tool (Support Email)
4:17 – Chatflows
4:23 – Snippets Overview
4:48 – Templates
5:25 – HubSpot Marketing Tab (Blog, Landing Pages, COS/CMS)
6:00 – HubSpot Ads
6:10 – Email Campaigns
6:27 – HubSpot Social
6:36 – Files and Templates (Design Tools)
7:09 – Lead Capture (CTA)
7:35 – Forms
7:56 – Planning and Strategy (Calendar)
8:25 – HubSpot Campaigns
8:34 – SEO tool
9:05 – HubSpot Projects
9:37 – Sales Tab
10:22 – Tasks
10:45 – Documents (Deals)
11:33 – Sales Meetings Tool
12:03 – Playbooks (Enterprise only)
12:23 – Service Hub (Tickets)
12:46 – HubSpot Workflows (Automation)
13:40 – HubSpot Sequences
13:59 – Reports/Analytics
15:08 – Helpful HubSpot Settings
17:56 – Closing

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