How to Use Website Tutorials to Grow Your Business

There was a time when you actually had to hire someone to build your website – you simply had no other choice. Sites were built by hand and the people who did it were something of a hybrid of designer and programmer, who had learned HTML coding and marketing on the side. Those days are over now, and there are numerous ways that you, as a business owner can create your own website without going through the exhausting process of hiring a web designer. The use of website tutorials is one way to go.

As a business owner, you know that your time is spent working in your core business. Every minute spent doing something else is a waste of your time. Web design is a function of running a business that, in most cases, should not be in the hands of the business owner or operator. It can be a terrible drain on one’s time, and the longer it takes to get the website up, the more time is wasted and the longer your business has gone without an online presence.

There are now numerous website tutorials online from which you can choose that will help you to figure out not only what you want in a website, but what you want it to look like and how you want it to function. Without learning how to code, how to test a database, or how to run server functions, you can still have a website that serves your needs.

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