How to Use Shopify with WordPress (Buy Button Tutorial)

Want to know how to use Shopify with WordPress? Well in this short Shopify tutorial, I go through step by step how you can use these two powerful platforms together, to create a very capable ecommerce store.

I have done an updated tutorial for this and covered some of the things I missed in this video

As mentioned in the video, you will need a Shopify account for this but you only need Shopify lite, which costs $9/m and you can sign up below and it includes a 14 day free trial (all sign ups through the link are very much appreciated.

Shopify Affiliate Link 👉

As I mentioned in the video, you will need a self hosted WordPress website and a Shopify account, which you can sign up to using the link above.

To help you create products and collections using Shopify, I have created two other tutorial videos and left the links below for you:

Shopify Product Tutorial 👉
Shopify Collections Tutorial 👉

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