How to Use and Profit From Affiliate Marketing Programs

I first started out in web development doing marketing strategies for people before getting into affiliate marketing. I’d walk into a business and see what they needed. I had a lot of online marketing experience before I started teaching internet marketing.

Back in the 90’s over the course of a year or so, I did a complete shift because I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

That was the best choice I ever made in my life. I’ve traveled quit a bit and operate my business from my mobile devises. It’s a really big switch to move from working in offices to working at home but that was the best thing I did in my life.

I sell other people’s products. Some people say that you’re building up someone else’s business, but I don’t look at it that way. I have my mailing list that I use to email out offers to others too. So I’m building up my business at the same time.

When I serviced other people’s businesses I was still an affiliate marketer. I had to refer to others web hosting, payment processing and mailing list options. I couldn’t personally provide those services to other people so I just signed up to make money off of different referrals.

Back when I was servicing offices as an affiliate it was natural for me to turn to affiliate marketing. You don’t have to service the customer with questions, returns or problems and such. The affiliate takes care of all of that. It’s a completely different model and there is profit it this.

Working online has many different options for people. Some like to work with customers and others do not. There is something out there for everyone.

As a super affiliate, I’ve gone through the process of putting up a website and driving traffic to it. My favorite traffic method is SEO. I just love getting free traffic from search engines and see my pages climb up the ranks. When I’m working on a site I create a niche. Then I’ll take the keywords and work around a topic. I build my website around topics not products.

I’ll take a general keyword and make that the primary domain name. Then I’ll take the other keyword phrases and make those as different categories. This really helps in the search engine ranking. The categories are two to three word phrases. I put this into a blog. Then I’ll use the longer tailed keywords for the articles that I write on my blog.

When I create a site keywords are important. I develop each page for a keyword then work it into a pyramid type structure. My longer tailed keywords I use for my content then your page ranks well in the search engines. It takes about 6 weeks to put this all together then you’re well on your way making money as an affiliate marketer.