Make Money Online SOLO ADS How To Track Udimi Solo Ads With Clickmagick

How To Track Udimi Solo Ads With Clickmagick

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In this How To Track Udimi Solo Ads With Clickmagick video, I’ll be discussing how you set up tracking links in Clickmagick and use them to track your solo ads from Udimi. This is a very critical step in your business because you will want to know about the quality and performance of your clicks.

Nothing could be more frustrating than finding out that you have gotten numerous “fake” or “bot” clicks and not real unique ones! Not tracking your links could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on how much you’re spending for your ad campaign and how many fake clicks you may receive.

This is a practice that you will want to implement sooner, rather than later so you will have the peace of mind of knowing the quality of your clicks. If you do find that at some point in your campaigns, whether with Udimi or other solo ad providers, that you’re getting fake clicks, then you can simply send them a screenshot of your reports and ask them to send you better traffic.
Not all solo ad providers are bad, I have used Udimi for quite awhile and the traffic has been pretty good – but you still need to track your links!

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