Make Money Online KEYWORDS How to Title your Youtube videos: Use Keywords to get Higher Rankings on Youtube

How to Title your Youtube videos: Use Keywords to get Higher Rankings on Youtube

How to Title your Youtube videos: Use Keywords to get Higher Rankings on Youtube post thumbnail image

As a YouTuber, you have probably heard time and time again how important it is to title your YouTube videos with keywords that will help them rank higher in search results. And while this is true, there is more to the process than simply sprinkling a few keywords into your title. In order to get the most out of your keywording efforts, you need to understand how YouTube’s search algorithm works and what factors it takes into account when ranking videos.

YouTube’s search algorithm is a complex beast, but at a basic level, it relies on two main factors to determine which videos should be displayed in search results: engagement and relevance. Engagement includes things like how long viewers watch your video, how many likes and comments it receives, and whether or not viewers subscribe to your channel after watching. Relevance, on the other hand, is determined by how well your video’s title, description, tags, and thumbnail image match up with the user’s search query.

So, now that we know what YouTube’s search algorithm is looking for, let’s talk about how you can use keywords to improve your video’s ranking. The first step is to come up with a list of relevant keywords that you think potential viewers might use when searching for a video like yours. Once you have your list of keywords, it’s time to start working them into your title and description in a way that sounds natural and isn’t overly keyword-stuffed. In general, you want to aim for a title that is around 60 characters long and includes one or two of your target keywords. As for your description, you should try to include as many relevant keywords as possible without making it sound unnatural or forced.

In addition to including keywords in your title and description, another great way to improve your video’s ranking is to add tags. Tags are basically just additional keywords that you can add to your video that will help YouTube understand what it’s about. To add tags to your video, simply go to the “advanced settings” section of the upload page and enter in a few relevant keywords. Make sure to separate each keyword with a comma so that YouTube can properly index them.

Finally, one last thing you can do to help improve your ranking is choose an intriguing thumbnail image. The thumbnail image is the small picture that appears next to your video in search results, so it’s important that it catches people’s attention and makes them want to click on your video. If possible, try to choose an image that includes one or more of your target keywords as this will help YouTube understand what the video is about.

By following these tips, you can improve your chances of ranking higher in YouTube search results and getting more views for your videos. Just remember to focus on creating quality content first and foremost – if your videos are interesting and engaging, people will watch them regardless of where they appear in search results.

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