How to Start Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video is the most dynamic way to engage with your customers but people and companies usually have issues with their video production and don’t know how to create eye-catching videos

Where to start? How to do marketing with video? Is video the right thing for my brand? Video SEO, How long my video should be?
We decided to make a video based on our own experience hopefully answer some of those questions and give you the push you need so you can start creating your video marketing strategy


As usual, we split the guide for you so you can access directly the stuff that you are looking for.

00:00 BANG!
00:03 Intro
00:45 Why Video?
01:45 Is it right for your brand?
02:27 ROI and results
03:56 Have something to say
04:40 Recap
05:03 Equipment
06:40 Get in front of the camera!
07:29 Know your stuff
07:47 Breath
08:25 Write as you talk
08:45 Vocal exercises
09:18 Body language
10:12 Length
11:10 Thumbnails
12:15 Title and description
14:12 Analytics
16:41 Like and Subscribe!

Useful Links

Customer Journey

Wistia’s report

Wim Hof’s channel

Video tips and more info

Thumbnails creators

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