How to Sell Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity Online

If you’ve been in network marketing for any amount of time, then you know it’s a long, slow process to build your business and create residual income in the traditional methods of marketing. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be either – it can be quick and painless. All you have to do is learn how to market online.

Online marketing is a relatively simple process to learn. It may seem daunting when you’ve been taught something completely different by your up line. Yes, in order to sell you do have to talk to people, but wouldn’t it be easier to talk to people if you were talking to people who were already interested in joining you? That’s the idea behind internet marketing.

Some things you will learn when you start to market online are how to set up your own website, how to create a sales page, how to generate a list of potential clients–automatically–and how to get those prospects to join you as their leader.

The first step is to define who you are as a leader. What can you teach your down line (anyone who joins the company under you)? Are you good at talking to people on the phone, for example? If you can’t think of anything specific right now, or if you don’t think you know anything well enough to teach it, then the next step might help you out.

The second step is to create a product that teaches others to do what you do well. This can be an ebook, video, or MP3 file that gives an example of what you do. You don’t even have to be a teacher; you can just show people what you do. If you’re still new to marketing and don’t have a particular skill, you can find someone out there on the internet who has created a product that you can use.

The third step is to set up an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an online service that collects email addresses and names. With an autoresponder you can create a form for people to fill out. The autoresponder lets you send out automated emails to those people.

The fourth step is to set up your website. This is where you write your sales letter. If your company provided you with a website, don’t use it to market online because it will not sell. You need to create a page that gets one thing done; gets people to fill out your new autoresponder form.

The fifth step is to start getting your website some traffic, which means getting people to come to your website and read your sales letter. There are many ways to do that, including using videos, forums and also paid advertising.

If you are ready to take your marketing business to the next level, place it on the internet. You may be the next top income earner in your business–all with internet marketing!