How to Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

⬇ My Favourite Tools/Platforms/Software’s ⬇
➤ Create a Marketing Plan on LinkedIn:
➤ Learn Inbound Marketing & Get Free CRM at HubSpot:
➤ Get 12 Months of Skillshare Premium for 30% Off –
➤ Get unlimited access to over 90% of courses at Coursera:
➤ Learn Programming Languages with Udemy:
➤ Apply for Udacity Scholarship Program:
➤ Run a Full Website Scan in Minutes with SEMrush:
➤ Find or become a freelancer at Fiverr:
➤ Design a winning resume with Canva Pro:
➤ Unlimited downloads of 60+ million creative assets at Envato:
➤ Launch Accelerator Challenge at Teachable:

This is the COMPLETE digital marketing strategy guide for 2021.

Do you wish you had a better digital marketing plan for your business? Looking for a proven digital marketing strategy template?

In this video, you’ll discover how to write a digital marketing plan and track your progress to achieve your business goals?

First, you’ll learn how to create an integrated marketing plan that will give you a strong foundation for all digital marketing activities.

Next, in this webinar Dave shares his proven digital marketing template called RACE framework which you can use to plan your overall marketing plan.

According to SmartInsight, research report shows that, incredibly, nearly 50% of businesses still don’t have a clearly defined digital strategy.

Finally with the RACE digital marketing lessons you will learn how to effectively plan your market strategy and meet your business goals.

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