How To Optimize Your Amazon PPC Advertising Campaigns – Amazon PPC Tips | Brian Johnson

Our video is showing how to optimize your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns subject to valuable information but we also try to cover the following subjects:
-PPC advertising on amazon
-Amazon PPC tips
-Amazon PPC strategy


0:00 Intro / Housekeeping
2:48 Welcome Brian Johnson
6:55 PPC Trends in 2021
10:42 Optimizing Product Videos
14:38 The Key Amazon Ads Strategies
20:24 DSP or Demand-Side Platform
22:37 How Much PPC Amazon Honing up right now?
23:43 Methods to Increase Product Conversion
29:00 PPC Strategy for Higher Price Products
39:55 Naming your Products
44:32 Tips on Targeting Ads
46:14 Manual Keywords Campaign Strategy

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Brian R Johnson, our resident PPC Expert from Canopy Management is back for another episode on May 12th on Lunch with Norm for Episode 140 of the podcast.
Brian is going to share with us some tips on growing your market share on Amazon in 2021! Join the Beard Nation at .

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More about Brian…
Brian R. Johnson has helped over 20,000 brands be more successful on Amazon through ad strategy and conversion rate optimization. He offers guidance to, and partners with, sellers through his online community, Amazon PPC Troubleshooting, as well as through coaching, software, training courses, and, his flagship advertising agency, CANOPY Management (multi-service, “done-for-you” Amazon agency).

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When Norm isn’t traveling the world speaking at some of the largest e-commerce events or mentoring amazon sellers, he focuses his time on his four businesses. As if he wasn’t busy enough, Norm also hosts a weekly Live Show on Facebook and YouTube where he shares his thoughts on Amazon and E-Commerce with other Industry experts.

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