How To Make Complete Responsive E-COMMERCE Website Using HTML / CSS / JS / BOOTSTRAP – Step By Step

how to make complete responsive ecommerce website using html / css ( sass ) / javascript / jquery / bootstrap 5.
create a complete responsive online store / e-commerce website design step by step.
learn how to create a complete responsive ecommerce website using html 5, css 3, jquery, javascript, bootstrap 5.
responsive mobile first product landing page website design using owl carousel slider.
responsive mobile first website design tutorial with source code.

the main features of this website are:
✔ responsive header section with toggle effect.
✔ responsive home section with product touch slider effects
✔ responsive product section using owl carousel
✔ responsive review / testimonial section with sliding effect
✔ responsive brand / client slider
✔ responsive offer / deal section
✔ responsive newsletter section
✔ responsive footer section


download the source code from google drive:

owl carousel link:

owl carousel cdn link:

Images i used was from pexels:

the animated icons are form freepic stories:

And Shape Images are Made Using Figma:
Figma Is Free To Use:

fonts are from google fonts:

font awesome cdn link:

jquery cdn link:

watch the full playlist of how to create responsive websites:

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0:00 demo
8:12 folder structure
8:46 header section
16:02 navbar
20:18 home section
25:33 owl carousel
30:26 home media queries
31:32 product section
49:35 review/testimonials section
57:50 review media queries
59:33 header scroll effect
1:01:08 offer / deal section
1:07:56 offer / deal media queries
1:08:33 brand section
1:11:10 newsletter section
1:14:44 newsletter media queries
1:15:20 footer section
1:22:15 mobile first

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