How to Make a Website with Astra | 2020  (Astra Theme Tutorial + Elementor)

Astra is one of my favorite themes on WordPress. So, I made a video to show you guys have to build an awesome website with Astra! Check out this tutorial on How to Make a Website with Astra

Get a Domain Name & Hosting for Your Website:

Get Astra’s Pro Theme:

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00:00 Intro
00:52 Overview

Domain Name & Hosting
02:04 Step 1: Get a Domain Name & Web Hosting
03:26 Web Hosting Packages
04:18 Getting a Custom Domain

08:33 Step 2: Install WordPress
09:05 Site Name & Login Info
10:14 Logging Into WordPress
10:44 Website Propagation

Astra Theme
11:16 Step 3: Install & Activate Astra
12:45 Step 4: Select a Starter Template

Editing Home Page Hero
14:30 Step 5: Customize Your Website
14:50 Elementor Overview
15:52 Editing Hero Content
20:41 Editing Hero Text
24:42 Editing Buttons
28:02 Content Spacing

Editing Home Page Sections
28:51 Editing the Services Section
34:43 Creating an About Section
39:25 Editing the Videos Section
42:40 Adding YouTube Videos to Site
44:06 Editing the Gallery Section

Editing Pages
44:43 Step 6: Add & Edit New Pages
46:31 Loading a Template Page
47:05 Adding Blocks to your Page
48:53 Editing the About Page
49:44 Step 7: Edit Your Contact Form
52:47 Edit Contact Form with WP Forms

Header & Footer
56:48 Step 8: Create a Navigation Menu
01:00:21 Step 9: Edit the Header & Footer
01:02:17 Make a Custom Logo
01:16:30 Edit the Footer

Site Mobile Responsiveness
01:11:45 Step 10: Edit for Mobile & Tablet – Mobile
01:13:09 Editing for Tablet
01:15:06 Final Site
01:15:53 Outro: Like & Subscribe


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