How To Make A Grocery Website in WordPress for FREE  – GROCERY STORE 2021

In this tutorial, I will explain How to Make a FREE Grocery Website in WordPress.
Key Features:
i. Appealing Design,
ii. Specifying and limiting the area based on zip code from where your customers can order,
iii. Tax Calculation and
iv. The option of accepting Payment Directly on your Website via Stripe


1. Web Hosting (Highly Recommended) –
2. Web Hosting (Recommended) –
3. Images/Files Required to make this Website –
(Please download all the images and files by clicking on the button “Download Here” at the bottom of the above-given link)
5. Professional Images for your Grocery Website:


00:00 Introduction & Website Demo
04:45 Domain Name & Web Hosting
05:44 Hosting Solution
09:36 Connect Domain with Hosting
14:39 WordPress Login
18:40 Theme Installation
23:48 Plugin Installation
27:54 WooCommerce Setup
21:41 WooCommerce General Settings
27:39 WordPress Basic Settings
34:41 WooCommerce Tax
36:55 WooCommerce Shipping (Service Location Set up)
36:35 Creating a Page
41:28 Setting up Payment Gateway
45:32 Getting Professional Images for your Grocery Website
49:19 Uploading a Simple Product
56:17 Uploading a Variable Product
1:07:28 Designing Home Page on Elementor
1:07:49 Creating Menus
1:17:55 Creating Footer/ Widgets
1:18:00 Customisation your Website for Mobile and View
1:58:14 Importing and Customising About Us and Contact Us pages
2:28:19 Final Customisation
2:52:23 Creating Coupon Code
2:48:00 Demo Checkout and Order Management


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