How to Hire a Copywriter Without Getting Screwed Over (4 Tips That Could Save You Frustration)

One of the things you’ll need to do (unless you can do a decent job yourself) is hire a copywriter to write the copy for your sales pages or other marketing material. The thing about copywriters is they vary skill and the amount they charge. This article will show you how to hire a copywriter without getting screwed over.

Here are the 4 tips that could save you a LOT of time and money:

1) Check samples. Make sure the copywriter is decent when it comes to writing copy by having them show you samples of their work. You should be able to read over the copy and determine if the copywriters writing style is something you want on your website.

If you have a small doubt, then don’t hire them. They are not going to change their writing style overnight and you’d be better off choosing another writer.

2) Make sure you either talk to them on the phone or over the internet. Copywriters must be able to do adequate research on your product and niche, and a good copywriter will want to learn everything about you and your business. And that means talking to you either on the phone or online.

There is no other way that the copywriter will get a feel for you and your product via email. Plus you can gauge whether or not this person is someone you can get along with.

3) Give them everything they need to do their job. A good copywriter will want to see not only your product, but your previous ads you’ve run and other websites you might have. That’s they only way they can do decent research before they write your sales letter.

4) Make sure they know what “angle” the letter will take before they write. This should be done when you’re communicating with the copywriter earlier on. It is better to agree on the general idea and “flow” of the copy before the copywriter starts writing–than to have them write a whole sales letter and realize they got it all wrong.

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