How To Grow An Email List With Solo Ads

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Make sure to watch until the end to see the 3 tips for making solo ads work for you and have better conversions.

Solo ads is essentially buying traffic from people who have huge lists of email of people who are interested in a specific topic

It works great for Make Money Online niche for any business opportunity because that’s why people demand the most and solo ads providers build these lists for the buyers needs

I personally use it for affiliate marketing, I am an affiliate for Clickfunnels, because the product is high converting and any business out there needs it so it works for me.

The purpose is to build a list, when you buy traffic from somebody else’s list about 30-50% of people will become your people on the list and most of them will not buy from the beginning, but stay until the end I’m going to show you some tactics on how to convert buyers so that you at least hit the breakeven point for the solo ad spent.

For beginners this is a great method to get some eyeballs, some people to watch your offer because the process is easy, unlike facebook ads where you need to create an account, create a page, create an ad account, create an image, create ad copy, choose targeting (that’s where most mess up) then choose demographics, types of ads, buttons.

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