How To Get Customers With Online Lead Generation Ideas

How To Get Customers With Online Lead Generation Ideas. A presentation by Alan Tomkins of Alpha Tango Alan’s presentation gives a practical guide on how to get more sales leads and grow your business with a lead generation plan or strategies and shares his favorite lead generation ideas.

When you carry out any form of marketing activity ask yourself this question:
Is what I’m doing FOR the customer or TO the customer? Or put another way, are you adding value or just giving another sales pitch? You should be adding value because that produces long term benefits for both you and the customer.

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Work out your budget for lead generation by using the following process:
• What profit do you make on your average client?
• Over what period, 1, 2 or 3 years? E.g. £1000
• From our “qualified” enquiries what’s our closing rate? E.g. 10%
• How much of our profit are we prepared to pay for a new client? E.g. 10%
• So we have £100 to acquire 10 qualified leads, £10 per lead.
• How many new clients do we want per month? E.g. 5 new clients
• So our lead generation budget to achieve our goal is £500 per month
Our challenge now is how we spend that £10 to generate a qualified lead.

Your Online Lead Generation should include Keyword research, Your Web Site, Organic search results, Mobile search results, Local listings, Pay per Click, Display and Remarketing advertising, Social Media Activity, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Reviews on 3rd party services such as Google and LinkedIn.

Make sure your website is perfect
• All pages should have a unique title up to 65 characters
• All pages should have a unique description up to 150 characters
• All pages should have a relevant Heading 1 on every page
• Pages should have unique quality content
• All images should have a relevant ALT tag
• Local META tags should be used as well as schema mark-up
• Check how your pages look on Googles search results
• Is you site indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
• Is your site mobile friendly?
• Are you showing in the local listing on Google?

Make sure you include online advertising as part of your lead generation. These include:
• Google
• PPC (pay per click)
• Display (PPM – pay per 1000 impressions)
• Remarketing display
• Microsoft Bing
• Bing ads
• You can import from Google Ads
• Use your site URL for keyword research
• Advertising on specific web sites
• Buy banner space on websites where your potential clients hang out
• Typically pay per 1000 impressions
• Image based ads so can be very effective

For more details on lead generation see this useful article:

See this article by Neil Patel for 16 Call-to-Action Formulas That Make People Want to Click:

How To Get Customers, Online Lead Generation

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