How to Effectively Market Your MLM on Facebook

Get in on the ground floor! We are the next billion dollar company! Highest payout in history! Call me now to get in, you won’t regret it! You ever hear any of these? This is exactly how NOT to market online. However, if you’ve spent anytime online you know that these kinds of pitches happen all day everyday.

How many times have you recoiled after receiving a message from someone you just connected with immediately pitching his or her opportunity? Often times, they’ll create a huge sense of urgency by telling you that if you don’t sign up today then you’ll miss out.

Who are you again? You don’t even know who I am. You don’t know what I’m looking for or what I’m not looking for. You may be able to tell that I get more than a little peeved when folks began pitching right from the get go. This approach is a great way to lose any credibility you have with your new contact.

Building a MLM business online can be done professionally. Here are a few keys to follow in order to build solid relationships, which in turn will build your team.

1. Connect with like minded people. Look for and join groups where your potential prospects may be members. On Facebook, there are tons of groups on MLM. If that is you niche, join those groups. You can also find groups that exist for end users of your products or services. You in health and wellness? Join those groups. Green products or services. There are a bunch of those, join em.

2. It is pretty easy to set up your own fan page or group. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in your personal name. Make sure that you focus on your niche. What is the focus of your business? Personally, I want to network with professionals and leaders who are interested in building teams. So, I put together a fan page called, Professional Team Builders. The material that I post on this page is focused on how to build your MLM team like a pro.

3. Identify and connect with other leaders that have a significant following. As you provide value and find common ground with this person then you can eventually ask them to join you group. Because of the viral nature of Facebook, this person’s followers will see that they joined your page and since they have credibility they may end up joining your group too. Don’t just blindly ask these leaders to join your group right away. Initiate a conversation with them, add value and then you can ask them to join your group to offer feedback.

4. Take time to do your homework. Join groups and pages in your niche. Connect with individuals in those groups. You MUST send a brief personalized message. Something like, “It looks like you are involved in MLM. Me too. What a great industry! Like minded people should connect. Please accept my friend invitation.” Identify and utilize common ground when sending out the requests.

5. After they approve your request, it is critical now to follow up with a message like,, “Thanks for adding me, and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you.” A brief introductory video of yourself is also a nice touch. Now, you can begin getting to find out more about them. Ask questions and get to know what they may or may not be looking for. You feel me?

6. Take the conversation offline as quick as possible. Offer to connect with them via skype, over the phone, if possible in person. This industry is about connecting with people, no hiding behind the internet.

The overarching theme here is that your intentions must be real. Are you just going to pitch your business? Or do you really want to effectively build your business? Zig Ziglar, “You can everything thing you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” Build trust by adding valuable content and become the go to guy or gal. This takes time, but you will establish credibility and begin to generate results. As time goes by, your prospects will start asking you about your business. This is the appropriate time to talk about your opportunity, and hopefully, they join your business because they really enjoy what you bring to the table.