How To Create A WordPress Website 2022 – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Learn how to create a WordPress website using Elementor Pro and Elementor Cloud.

You’ll learn all the key skills to set up the Elementor Cloud platform and create your first WordPress website.

From setting up Elementor Cloud to adding your first page, global styling, Elementor templates, dynamic posts and much, much more.

This is the ultimate guide on how to create a WordPress website using Elementor and Elementor Cloud.



00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:20 – What we’ll be building
00:01:36 – Setting up Elementor Cloud
00:05:55 – Elementor Cloud overview
00:09:15 – Elementor basics
00:21:22 – Setting up the website basics
00:23:59 – Creating your first Elementor Pro template
00:32:04 – The basics of Global Styling in Elementor
00:41:32 – Responsive design in Elementor
00:43:24 – Elementor Pro template conditions
00:44:56 – Using pre-built Elementor templates
00:46:39 – Building the website homepage
01:01:31 – Adding the latest posts dynamically
01:08:34 – Building a custom Archive & Single post template
01:14:07 – Finalising the navigation menu

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