How SMS remains relevant in a high tech world | Mobile Marketing |  #MoComoments

Do you remember the last time you send out a text message to one of your friends? Probably not. Where consumers are not using SMS anymore, there are still a lot of companies who are using SMS to reach out to their client.

When technology moves so fast, how has SMS remained so popular? How can companies capitalise on it to improve internal processes, promotions, customer service and other purposes?

That’s an easy question to answer because SMS has a 100% reach all over the world. Of course the messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram etc are growing and growing (also within businesses processes) but they can’t have a 100% reach because of that you always need a internet connection.

One of the examples comes from the healthcare market. Dimitry of DentAdmin explains during his interview why SMS remains relevant for his company and how it saves money for clinics and doctors.

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