How I Started Creating My Own Site

I have been thinking about creating my own website for years, but I just never knew how to do it. Like most people when I finally decided creating my own website is what I wanted to do I turned to the Internet. I love the Internet because it has so much information right there at your finger tips. This time though it was an unfortunate thing that there was so much information.

It seemed like every website I found on creating my own website did not agree on what the best way to do it was. Some said learn HTML or php or some other programming language most I have never heard of. Some site suggested using software programs like Dream Weaver or Joomla. I tried using both I could not figure out how to make anything that looked decent with Dream Weaver.

As for Joomla I am embarrassed to say I could not get past installing it on my computer correctly. So I had to find another way to create my own website. Luckily in the last couple of years the technology for creating my own website has gotten much better. Now they have simple web builders that only require you to know how to point and click and type.

Luckily those are skills that anyone who surfs the web will possess. The only decision now is which web builder would I use when creating my own website there are so many to choose from. I tried out a handful out there and lost a little money in the process. Luckily a lot of web builders provide free trial periods so you can take their technology for a test drive before you pay anything.

I finally found one that I like it had all the things I was looking for. It is simple to use has customer support seven days a week which for me was a must. Of course my final criteria like most people is it can not be break the bank in terms of monthly cost. Now that I have found a builder that answers all of my criteria I love creating my own website.

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