Google Search Engine Placement

As always, everybody wants to be associated with number 1. Likewise, with Google being the number one search engine today, every website wants to be placed on Google. This is because each website would like to have its Google Search Engine Placement in order to more or less guarantee that it appears on the top three list of hits for every search engine search. Thus, before one consults a specialist in Search Engine Optimization, it is important that one understands some Google 101 and Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The Googlebot (also known as a robor, bot or spider) is responsible for searching the net for new and updated websites to be added in its Google index. It uses an algorithmic process or computer programs which determine which sites they are to crawl, and how often, and how many pages. This begins as they start with a list of URLs from crawl processes. These are augmented with Sitemap data provided by webmasters. Any change in the websites is now updated in the Google. The Googlebot then compiles all the words that it sees on the pages in this massive index. The words are then linked to Title tags and ALT Attributes. Some information may however not be processed by the Googlebot, such as some rich media file or dynamic pages.

Thus, in searching for sites, there are three things that Google look for in finding, indexing and ranking sites. These are design and content guideline, technical guidelines, and quality guidelines. For design and content, a site should have a clear hierarchy and text links. It must also have a site map that directs users to relevant parts of the site. The links should also be kept at a reasonable number. And the page must be information rich. For technical guidelines, the website much use a text browser like Lynx. It must also allow search bots to crawl freely in the site, without IDs or arguments. And the website owner must use a website server that supports If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This informs Google if the content of your website has changed since Google crawled in the site. And the quality guidelines are concerned with deceptive of manipulative behavior like tricking users by registering misspelling of popular websites. Thus, website developers must keep in mind their readers first before their rankings in the different search engines.

Thus, while people may think that a Google Search Engine Placement is that simple, one must think again. Before one desires that top rank in Google’s hit list, one must review the Google 101 and the Google Webmaster Guideline. The process does not only take seeking Google, and that number 1 spot on it’s hit list, but one must also review one’s website to make sure that it conforms with Google’s minimum requirement. Also, it is important to note that it may not cost much, since Google does not accept money to crawl in a site more frequently, unless you seek a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.