Freelancer Q&A: Register Your Business Name or Use Your Personal Name?

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In this Freelancer Q&A, I discuss the pros and cons of working under your personal name vs. creating your business name.

When you first begin, there is nothing wrong with accepting checks written to your personal name, and I encourage you to start this way because there is no need to create a business unless you have experience working with another person first.

Just make sure that if you operate under your personal name and use personal bank accounts, you keep an accurate log of business income and expenses for when tax season rolls around.

Once you move to the next level, you can think about creating a single-member LLC, and opening separate bank accounts for your business.

The most important part of freelancing is working with real clients and solving their problem, not the infrastructure of how you are setup.

Of course, if you do have a business name, you will appear more professional upon first glance. But you can overcome this most of the time by building trust and a relationship with your potential client. They would rather know you are their main point of contact vs. you trying to appear like a big business where they’ll get lost in the shuffle.

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