Freelancer in Germany | Freelancing in Germany | How to be a freelance web developer

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Interviewing Fabian – A freelancer in Germany. Fabian will share several insights about working as a freelance web developer in Germany.

Fabian’s LinkedIn profile –

Feel free to connect with Fabian in case you would like to know more about Freelancing in general or specific topics about freelancing in Germany.

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00:28 – Introduction of the guest
02:31 – Why Freelancing?
03:14 – Which platforms to use for finding freelance projects?
05:27 – Fabian’s travel to India
08:47 – How to become a freelancer in Germany?
10:44 – Which is better? Freelancing or working as an employee?
13:30 – Do you earn more as a regular employee or as a Freelancer?
14:52 – Tips for new freelancers willing to work in Germany

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