Free Classifieds – 5 Classified Advertising Tips For Affiliates

Free classifieds are a good choice for marketing affiliate programs on the internet, especially if you are new. Everyone is familiar with classified advertising. It has been a staple of newspapers for hundreds of years.

The best part of using free online classified ads to promote is that you can see results in hours. With offline classified ads it make take days or even weeks to see results.

If you are marketing affiliate programs online, most free classified sites will accept affiliate links, so you don’t have to worry about creating a website.

Below are five tips for getting the most from marketing affiliate programs on free classifieds:

1. Follow the rules.

Although most free classified ad sites allow you to use affiliate links, sites like Craigs List usually don’t. The best way to get around this is to use a simple one page subscription site, or create a blog or Squidoo lens.

Use different titles, different links, and different cities.

2. Write a good ad.

The first thing your readers will see is the headline. This determines whether or not readers will read your ad. Write a title emphasizing the main benefit of your product.

In the ad body, show how your product solves a particular problem. Don’t just tell your readers to take action. Tell them what they need to do, whether it’s click a link, send an email for more information, or whatever you want them to do. Give them a reason to take action.

3. Take advantage of images.

Many ad sites will allow you to include images in your ads, and some of these sites will even allow you to do it for free.

A good image can increase the conversion of your ad because it allows readers to see what the product looks like.

If possible, include at least one image. If you have to pay to include the image, then make sure you test this part of the ad. Don’t waste money on ads or added features if they don’t help you increase your bottom line.

4. Post consistently.

If you post one ad to a site, or even several, and you don’t get any traffic, it’s easy to get discouraged. However, you won’t get any traffic if you don’t post any ads, or if you only post when you feel like it.

Bad marketing is better than no marketing at all. If you try marketing and fail at it, then you know what to change.

Set a schedule for your ad posting and stick to it. If you plan to post 10 ads a day, post that many. Renew ads that have expired. Keep posting. It’s the major way to see results.

5. Test your ads.

Even if you are using free classified ad sites, it’s still a good idea to test, especially if your ad isn’t converting.

Start with the headline. The headline is the most important part of the ad because it’s what gets readers to read the rest of the ad and take action. Rewrite it. Make sure you have chosen the right benefit to your product.

Test it. If changing the headline doesn’t increase conversion, rewrite the ad. Change one thing at a time whether it’s the headline, ad, category, or link. If you’ve tried everything, and you still can’t make the product sell, then start over. Find a new product.

The real “secret” to making money using free classifieds is to build a portfolio of products. Have more than one product you are marketing. The more products you market, and the more ads you have, the more money you can make.