Followers Traffic Strategies in 2022

What is Followers Traffic? #MinistryOfFreedom
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A Follower simply is anybody who knows you and started any kind of connection
or interaction with and is interested in your niche market.

NOTE: You don’t have to be an influencer with millions of followers or own a huge

Email List to use this strategy.

Types Of Followers:

1) A Facebook Friend who started and kind of communication or interaction with you
like: private messaging or liked, commented, or replied to your post or comment.

2) Social media followers on (Instagram, Twitter ..etc) even if you have only few
20 – 30 followers you can make use of them.

3) Your Youtube Channel Subscribers (If you already have a YouTube Channel)

4) Email contacts: anybody send your an email or reply to any email regarding
any topic related to your niche market.

How to Use Those Strategies?

You can use this traffic strategy only once or maybe a couple of times at most
to promote NEW Offers, marketing or system, as it is a way just to start getting
some visitors to your new offer after that you want to use other traffic source/s
to generate a more consistent type of traffic to your offer.

*** WARNING! ***
Don’t use this strategy as your main traffic generation strategy,
this may make you look like a spammer. Use it for promoting new offers
once every while.

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