Fast Track Your Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing Success – My Presentation As A Conference Speaker

This is the full presentation I gave as a conference speaker on the 2016 Nomad Cruise titled “Fast Track Your Facebook Pay Per Click Success”

The goal of this one hour marketing conference presentation is to give you a full understanding of what is required to create a successful facebook advertising campaign.

If you want help with the nuts and bolts of how to advertise on Facebook, watch this video next:

If you need help with putting together your funnels, be sure to check out this playlist where I go deeper in depth on each of these marketing funnels I explain here in this video.

The one tool that I dug into fairly extensively here is the Facebook Audience Insights tool which is an absolute game changer for direct response marketers who use facebook ppc.

For a detailed video on how to use the Facebook Audience Insights Tool, watch this video:

It is important to remember that successful pay per click campaigns on Facebook require consistent messaging from your advertisements through every step in your marketing funnel and ultimately split testing is your best path to understand what works for you and your online business.

If it seems like Facebook advertising is complex and takes a lot of work… It is. But here is the thing… The potential results are amazing and this is truly a golden age of advertising we are living through right now.

It is well known and advertised that Facebook is the best deal around and I’ve put out an entire playlist that will teach you everythign I know from spending tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook ads, here:

My biggest recommendation to you is to jump in and get moving.

So many people are paralyzed on the sidelines because they dont clearly see how all the pieces to the advertising puzzle fit together.

This is normal and you need to be willing to move forward even when you don’t know what all the next 7 steps are.

Staying focused on one step at a time, you will be able to make forward progress towards your goal of a successful online business.

Starting is always the most important step!

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