Facebook – Effective Advertising Marketing For Business!

#1 – Refresh your Facebook advertising campaigns for business – when you create an ad on Facebook, you will see a high number of people clicking or responding to your ad, but like the Geico Gecko commercials, they are ever evolving, while remaining with the same promotion, the same characters, or background, or information, they are fresh within a couple of weeks and you need to do the same with your Facebook advertising. Keep marketing your Facebook advertising consistent but also keep the content evolving, don’t think the same advertising on Facebook will bring more interest; it will eventually dwindle and fade away. Remember everything has a lifespan, and your advertising on Facebook will too.

#2 – Advertising evokes emotions, when marketing your advertising on Facebook, you need to create emotions that draw and keep people clicking on your advertising – once you hit the right emotional content you will keep your potential customers drawn to what you advertise. Facebook is a social site, and social equates to emotions too, create your advertising on Facebook to respond to the needs that your potential clients will be attracted to.

#3 – Start big with your Facebook advertising, Facebook recognizes advertising and gives faster approval to those that start higher in the cost factor than to those that bid lower for their Facebook advertising. You will also need to test the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook, it may not prove itself immediately, keep trying and once you see a good response, build your Facebook advertising from that point, with that content, although again, refresh your advertising regularly, once that stone has been unturned, you will be rolling along nicely!

James Hickey

Master Business Consultant