Enabling Marketing Automation for WordPress w/ WP Fusion feat. Jack Arturo | All Systems Go! Ep 127

Are you ready to get deeper integrations with your WordPress site and your marketing automation platform? In this episode, Chris is joined by Jack Arturo, who is a WordPress developer specializing in CRMs and marketing automation tools. They dive deep into how the WP Fusion plugin allows entrepreneurs to create a robust system for marketing. If you have not yet heard of the WP Fusion plugin, you don’t want to miss this episode.

[2:24] Jack’s journey and how he ended up developing WP fusion
[9:29] An overview of the WP Fusion plugin
[12:34] Jack and Chris share examples of how you can benefit from using WP Fusion
[16:06] One of Chris’ favorite features of the WP Fusion plugin that simplifies membership adjustments
[20:00] How WP Fusion allows you to personalize the elements each individual customer sees on your WordPress site
[23:57] The most commonly loved features and benefits of WP Fusion
[27:34] A recently released feature of the plugin that allows you to track user events and sync with custom fields
[32:07] How an auto login feature of WP Fusion could help you upsell and increase revenue
[38:30] Jack explains setting up dynamic expiring coupons relative to the customer journey
[42:35] What’s to come in the future for WP Fusion
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