EIGHT LinkedIn Cover Story Video EXAMPLES [Video Marketing Success Secret]

Discover the #1 secret to success with video marketing and engaging video content with these EIGHT LinkedIn Cover Story Video Examples.

The Video Marketing Success Secret is what ties all these 8 example LinkedIn cover story videos together.

I hand-picked eight cover story video examples from different people on LinkedIn to spark some inspiration and creativity.

There is a common thread that ties all these cover story video examples together.

See if you can spot what it is!

This thread is the secret to success with video marketing and creating engaging video content, in my opinion.

I’m also going to answer all the questions that were asked in the comments of my original video:
“How to Add Video on your Linkedin Profile Photo”

✅ Some of you tried to upload the video via desktop which still isn’t currently possible.

✅ A lot of you asked questions about getting the feature to work after enabling LinkedIn Creator Mode.

A quick solution is to try reinstalling the LinkedIn app.

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If you’re looking for inspiration for your next LinkedIn Cover Story Video I’m sharing examples of 8 different creators on LinkedIn and then breaking down why I chose them.

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