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In this video, we have covered the most useful topic for students, i.e. Digital Marketing. Most of the common people in Nepal assume Digital Marketing to be promoting products and services through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The reality is, the concept is not limited to social media marketing as it is a broad concept that discusses building the most useful business strategy and applying suitable techniques to promote one’s business, product, or services. 

What is Digital Marketing?
It is the globally rising marketing strategy that uses electronic devices performed through marketing specialists to convey promotional messaging. In simple words, it is a marketing technique/campaign that uses devices like mobile phones, computers, or tablets. It can be performed through various strategies including search engine marketing (Google, Bing, Yahoo), paid social media ads (mostly on Facebook and Instagram), mobile marketing and many more. 

Digital Marketing is changing the way many companies do business. Consumers are now in control of what products they see and how they interact with brands, which has shifted the balance of power to the consumers.
Digital Marketing mainly includes:
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Local Search Optimization
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Google Ads
Social Media Management
Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Video Marketing
Audio Marketing
Content Marketing

#Digital_Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing practices that include promoting through billboards, magazine ads, newspaper advertisements, radio announcements and so on. The reports and results from the practice have clearly proven that Digital Marketing is superior to traditional marketing. 
Everything is getting digitalized these days and therefore the scope of Digital Marketing is increasing rapidly. It won’t be wrong to say that the rising concept would replace traditional marketing to some extent. The rise of e-commerce has also given rise to digital advertising on social media platforms. Digital companies spend on average 20% – 30% of their marketing budget on these channels, with 16% being spent on Facebook alone. Traditional marketing will always have a place, but the future of marketing is digital.

What is a Digital Marketing course?
It is a professional course that teaches students the fundamental and technical aspects of the modern marketing world. The course opens multiple opportunities in one’s professional journey. One can become a specialist, strategist and work for renowned business organizations. The course also assists one in initing own business or continuing family business in a different manner that is completely different from the traditional approach. 

Why Digital Marketing works?
Many factors contribute to the effectiveness of Digital Marketing. For one, it is accessible to people who are not near their computers all day. Digital Marketing also provides a more intimate experience with the company.
In Nepal, more than 10 million people have no access to internet services. There are various online shopping platforms that are attracting a large number of new customers on a daily basis. The information is easy to access and share, which builds trust with the customer. It helps companies connect with their customers by providing them with content

is Digital Marketing hard?
Digital Marketing is not a hard topic and is easy to implement in our practical life.  It is now more accessible than ever before and has evolved into a multi-channel system. It has now become mandatory to apply it in one’s business journey in order to promote their product or services.

What are various Digital Marketing opportunities?
One expert in Digital Marketing has multiple opportunities. They can be hired by successful companies and a Digital Marketing strategist and work for promoting brands and products. Students who dream of being successful entrepreneurs must explore the steps of Digital Marketing.

SEO in case of Nepal
#Search_Engine_Optimization #SEO is necessary when it comes to the search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Nepal has a growing internet market with increasing web traffic. The search engine optimization is important in order to ensure that all of your content is making it to the top of the search results. The key to search engine optimization is to ensure that the search engines understand what you are trying to say and all of the content that you have on your website.

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