Make Money Online COPYWRITING Dental Internet Marketing – Website Design, SEO, Copywriting, and more

Dental Internet Marketing – Website Design, SEO, Copywriting, and more

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it’s no surprise that dental marketing has shifted online as well. By 2021, it is estimated that over $10 billion will be spent on digital marketing in the dental industry alone. That’s a ton of money spent on trying to attract new patients via the internet!

And yet, many dental practices still don’t have a strong online presence. They may have a website, but it’s not always optimized for search engine ranking or conversion rate. And their social media accounts may be gathering dust.

If you’re a dentist who wants to take your marketing game up a notch (or if you’re starting from scratch), then you need to read this guide to dental internet marketing. We’ll cover the basics of website design, SEO, copywriting, and more so that you can start attracting new patients online.

Let’s get started!

Website Design

Your website is often the first impression potential patients will have of your dental practice. It’s important to make sure that your site makes a good impression and is easy to navigate. Otherwise, you risk losing visitors before they even get to see what you have to offer.

Here are a few tips for designing an effective dental website:

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly . Over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s essential that your site looks good and works well on smartphones and tablets. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will penalize it in search results.

Use clear and easy-to-understand language . Don’t try to sound like a medical textbook – potential patients will tune out quickly if they can’t understand what you’re saying. Write in clear, concise language that everyone can follow.

Include clear calls to action . What do you want visitors to do when they reach your site? Schedule an appointment? Request more information? Make sure your calls to action are clear and prominently displayed so that visitors know what to do next.

Make use of visuals . People are visual creatures – incorporating images and videos onto your site can help capture attention and hold interest. Just make sure that any visuals you use are high-quality and relevant to your practice/services.

Include testimonials . Nothing builds trust quite like testimonials from happy patients. If you have any positive reviews or comments from patients, be sure to showcase them prominently on your site.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on website design – but it’s worth investing in professional help if you’re not confident in your own abilities (or if you simply don’t have the time). A well-designed website will pay for itself many times over in terms of new patients acquired via the internet.

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