Make Money Online CRAIGSLIST Craigslist New York | Marketing Isn't what it used to be! YouTube is King #1 Spots on Google!

Craigslist New York | Marketing Isn't what it used to be! YouTube is King #1 Spots on Google!

Craigslist New York | Marketing Isn't what it used to be! YouTube is King #1 Spots on Google! post thumbnail image

Craigslist New York: YouTube is set up so that we can setup an authority channel for whatever niche you would like to dominate online. It doesn’t matter what company you work for it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of your company or if you’re an employee the only thing that matters with YouTube marketing is that you get on camera and make videos that people want to watch.

Craigslist New York: What I like best about YouTube marketing is that it’s actually kind of fun. To sit back and Make a video is unique because people are actually able to see your face hear your voice and they can actually see your enthusiasm.

Craigslist New York: I’m not the best writer on earth is hard for me to show enthusiasm when trying to write a blog or send out a couple tweets. When it comes to YouTube I can do a YouTube video in about three takes have it uploaded in 10 minutes and have it on YouTube and another five minutes. I feel like that’s probably the easiest marketing system that you could possibly have.

I’m so tired of all these guys saying that I need to blog on a daily basis! If you go to you can send your YouTube videos and for a dollar minute and they will transcribe the whole thing for you. Then you can throw that up on your blog then you’re killing two birds with one stone. GENIOUS!!

Craigslist New York Marketers: YouTube is the third biggest strongest website on earth so if you do a YouTube video and do your keyword research and do the back linking you could show up on the first page of Google and pass all your competition because you’re using a platform that is old and Google actually owns YouTube so they want their links on the first page of Google. Sometimes you just need to take advantage of what the actual owners of the website or trying to do!

Money making call to action for Craigslist New York Marketers: Another thing that I want to talk about is 90% Commissions. What if you could sell a lot of different trainings for 90% commissions ? That’s a pretty outstanding huge commission for selling someone else’s products. The products that you have the opportunity to sell are great to the point that you can pretty much go through these trainings learn everything that you need to know to be about actually market the products that you’re selling.

Craigslist New York: Click the link below this video fill out the form and let me show you what we have to offer. This program is changing people’s lives every day!!!

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