ConvertKit Tutorial 2022 | Best Email Marketing Software

Learn how to build and grow your email list with ConvertKit. In my opinion the best email marketing tool out there. In this Convertkit tutorial, I show you from start to finish how to work with ConvertKit. I will teach you how to create different kinds of sign-up forms from within ConvertKit but also through third-party tools like Elementor Pro and WooCommerce.

Get ConvertKit For Free:
Example website: and

When people enter our email list we can send them broadcast emails. An email send to your complete list or to a specific group of people within your list. You can personalize the broadcast emails so it looks like you send a personal email to someone, but then to your complete list! This is all done in the free version of ConvertKit.

After we upgrade for at least $9 per month, I show you how to create an email sequence. A sequence is a collection of emails send over a specific time span, and that starts when people become a subscriber. So after people sign up, they get the first email at once. The second email two days later. The third email the next Monday. You can set it up once, and it will run on autopilot.

What I love most about ConvertKit is the ability to automate everything. To give you an example. Everybody that signs up through one of your forms can get a specific tag that you create. For instance the tag ‘Newsletter’ or ‘Free Template’. That can help you to send a broadcast email to a specific group of people.

It will also help you to automatically put everyone with a certain tag to a specific email sequence. So people that sign up for the newsletter can be put on the newsletter email sequence and people that signed up for the new template can be put on the ‘New Template’ sequence where you can tell those subscribers after a few automated personalized emails that you offer them a premium template.

And that product can be created in ConvertKit! With Convertkit you can create different kinds of products and ways to let subscribers pay. You can create:
A digital product
A service product
A subscription

So you can sell a video, eBook, VIP Newsletter, Skype session or something else. You don’t even need a website for that because ConvertKit takes care of the landing pages. You can setup a payment provider so the money that people pay goes automatically to your bank account.

I will cover even more! If you want to see what I cover you can take a look at the timestamps below:

00:00 Introduction
04:47 Get ConvertKit For Free
06:49 Add Subscribers Manually
07:45 Configure The ConvertKit Settings

Get Subscribers
10:48 Create Popup Form In ConvertKit
25:12 Trigger Your Popup Form With A Button
28:03 Test Your Form
33:26 Create An Inline Form
35:09 Create A Slide In Form
36:39 Create A Sticky Bar Form
38:47 Create A Landing Page In ConvertKit
42:10 Create A Form With Elementor Pro
47:55 Integrate ConvertKit With WooCommerce

Send Emails
52:24 Send Your First Broadcast Email In ConvertKit

ConvertKit Pro
01:00:28 Get The Pro Version Of ConvertKit

Create A Sequence
01:02:43 Create Your First Sequence

ConvertKit Email Templates & Snippets
01:20:16 Create Email Templates
01:23:19 Create ConvertKit Snippets

ConvertKit Automations
01:27:37 ConvertKit Tags And Segments
01:34:44 Create Your First Automation
01:47:40 Add Subscribers To New Sequences Based On Their Actions

02:00:24 ConvertKit Integrations
02:00:57 ConvertKit RSS Feeds. Send Automatic Emails With New Blogposts
02:05:06 Create An Automated Email Digest

Earn Money Using ConvertKit
02:08:08 Setup Your Payment Provider
02:11:03 Create A Digital Product In ConvertKit
02:19:09 Sell Your Product Through A Broadcast
02:22:21 Create A Subscription-Based Product Or Service
02:22:53 Create A Pay What You Want Product In ConvertKit

Case Studies
02:23:57 $6,500 In One Day
02:25:25 $3,500 In 3 Days
02:26:35 Earning Back My Vacation While Being On Vacation

02:28:22 Thank You

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