Content Marketing – 5 Steps to Generate Qualified Traffic

Some people will tell you that content marketing is just a piece of cake. Just put articles out there and enormous traffic will fall down from the sky. Well, this isn’t entirely true. Just like any other processes, you need to ensure that each step is done correctly. Careful planning, precise execution, and putting in as much time and effort would be necessary. Here’s how you can get started:

First, commit to giving your readers what they want. The first thing that you need to accomplish is to get people to pay attention to your content. Just like when you’re asking somebody out, you’ll need to do this subtly but effectively. You don’t want the other party to turn you down. Offer something that they will not be able to resist like information that they’ve never heard of before or insider tips that they would usually need to pay for. Give them something exciting and fresh so they’ll pick your content over your competitors’ once they show up on the same search page results.

Don’t be content with article marketing. Although article marketing is good tool, it wouldn’t hurt if you use share what you know using different mediums. For example, you can write ebooks and send them through your autoresponder. You can promote your blog posts through twitter and relevant blogs. Or you can get somebody who has the skills and connection to get your content published on reputable ezine and websites. You would want to do this so you can easily reach out to a lot of people and boost your traffic in no time.

Leave people wanting for more. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing newsletters, ezine, blog posts, or articles; I would still recommend that you leave your readers wanting for more. It’s important that you give them compelling reason to check out the other stuff you’ve written and your website. The key here is giving them enough info to convince them that you’re an authority in your niche but promising them with more by encouraging them to search for other content that you’ve published.

Prepare your readers for your sales pitches. The last thing that you would like to do is to annoy your readers by presenting them with sales pitches too soon. These people wouldn’t want to hear anything about your products and services on the first part of your content. However, you can prepare them to hear these things by simply creating a desire and need for your offerings in a very subtle way. Talk about objections that your prospects might raise against your offering and make use of real life stories or even case studies and research to overcome them. Do this over and over again until you get your audience into a receptive state of mind and when they’ll be willing to hear sales messages.

Consistency is the key. Don’t stop writing and publishing useful content especially if your loyal followers are always checking out for new information. Write on a regular basis and ensure that you improve the quality when and as needed.