Make Money Online SEO Complete FREE SEO Course For Beginners – Steps to rank higher on Google

Complete FREE SEO Course For Beginners – Steps to rank higher on Google

Complete FREE SEO Course For Beginners – Steps to rank higher on Google post thumbnail image

The complete FREE SEO course for beginners for platforms like WordPress, Wix, and even HTML files.

Course documents link:

This SEO course includes 5 chapters:
1. SEO Basics
2. Pro on-page SEO
3. Link building
4. SEO WordPress plugins
5. Page speed and traffic

During this SEO training, we will start with the basics of SEO, including 13 rules that will help you get a web page on search engines and ranking on Google search. These 13 SEO rules are vital, and ignoring them will definitely stop the page from ranking. Some of these rules are very simple to apply. This chapter also includes SEO best practices so students can get better at what we learn during the SEO course.

Then we will learn more about some advanced tips and tools such as Surfer SEO.

Then we will focus on link building and how we can use that to rank higher on search engines. This chapter includes internal links, external links, and inbound or backlinks, which we will learn more about them and even how we can create backlinks to our webpages by contacting other websites.

After that, we will learn how to increase a web page loading speed since it affects ranking on search engines like Google.

We also have different assignments and quizzes on this training to have a better learning experience and start getting ready for the real world out there.

Introduction: 0:00
Course documents: 1:23
SEO Basics – first step: 7:10
Rule 1 – Keyword research: 11:38
Rule 2 – Page title: 26:02
Rule 3 – URL: 30:41
Rule 4 – Meta description: 33:11
Assignment question: 36:41
Assignment answer: 38:07
Rule 5 – Keyword in 10%: 41:33
Rule 6 – 600 Words: 42:34
Rule 7 – Headings: 43:39
Rule 8 – Alt text: 47:18
Rule 9 – Keyword density: 49:50
Rule 10 – External links: 53:00
Rule 11 – Internal links: 57:04
Rule 12 – First time: 1:00:44
Rule 13 – Short paragraphs: 1:02:23
Voice search: 1:04:35
LSI keywords: 1:08:28
Surfer SEO – Content editor: 1:14:08
Surfer SEO – Content planner: 1:24:58
Surfer SEO – Page audit: 1:28:25
Surfer SEO – SERP analyzer: 1:35:24
Link building: 1:41:55
Topic relevancy: 1:43:00
inbound link or backlink: 1:46:38
Anchor text: 2:02:08
Rank math WordPress plugin: 2:06:48
SEO settings for Wix: 2:16:06
SEO for HTML: 2:18:30
Page speed elements: 2:20:34
Page speed plugins for WordPress: 2:27:18
Traffic: 2:34:14

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