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Common Strategies of Aerial Advertising

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Though aerial marketing came into the limelight within the last few years, but because of its effectiveness and cost, more and more companies are opting for it. With an airplane banner you not only hit the specific targeted audience and save money but also create a strong image on their mind due to the unique and novel nature of this advertising mode.

In the past aerial banners were mostly used for personal ads and messages, people proposing someone special or wishing some beloved one a happy birthday. However, due to the constant changing and ever-growing needs of business advertisement these stats have changed dramatically. Nowadays, it’s nearly 75 percent business advertising to only 25 percent personal ads. In the past, those numbers were nearly reversed.

Aerial advertising is an affordable option in any part of the country, but most of the companies can adopt it according to their current situations. There are four popular strategies adopted by different companies:

1- Launching A new product or service in the market

If your company is introducing a new product, a new service or even if it is a new company altogether in the market; aerial advertising can quickly get you settle your feet in the market.

While your competitors are opting for traditional marketing styles, you can outclass them by flying your airplane banner over the head of your potential consumers. It will not only cost you less, but due to the unique nature and high impact of this advertising scheme you will get more and quick responses.

2- Making over the image of your brand

If your company is lagging behind in the fierce competition of taking the market share, you may think of making over the image of your brand i.e. by lowering the price, changing some policies or offering new benefits. Whatever your case is, aerial marketing is a good solution because you can specify your targeted market.

3- Event based marketing

Some organizations target specific events to launch their ad campaign and get the attention of large crowd. These events may include NASCAR, Concerts, Sporting Events or Spring Break. During such festivals, the crowd is in a happy mood and a positive spirit of mind, thus, the perfect time for your airplane ad banner to be displayed and to get the maximum responses.

4- Sponsor or Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a process that consists of finding prospects, creating specific proposals based on your company’s objectives, getting buy-in from multiple constituencies and finally negotiating price. This can be a lengthy process but if you use aerial advertising it can reduce the time to minimum as you reach your audience directly. This not only adds brand value to the company but also help to advertise the product in a much better way.

Aerial marketing is suitable for any business in any situation that is why individuals might still use a flying banner to send a message, or share feelings, but it is business that knows the financial benefits of using aerial advertising.

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