Make Money Online KEYWORDS Choosing The Right Keywords for Hotels & Tourism Marketing

Choosing The Right Keywords for Hotels & Tourism Marketing

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It may seem obvious but choosing the right keyword for your hotel or tourism marketing campaign can be very tricky. In this video we look at a tourism company that offer real submarine cruises of the Caribbean island of Barbados . it could be anywhere, in fact they have operation in may countries and they take holiday makers out on an undersea voyage over the reefs.

The Problem is their marketing is all based on the keyword “Submarine”. And hey many of their prospect don’t know a hoot about that kind of trip and don’t go searching for subs. But there are plenty of people who, when they hear about it, are all gung-ho to try it and they love it.

They might be people who like the sea, fish, coral and marine life. They would most likely search for glass bottom boats, snorkeling and they more adventurous may scuba dive. They are also possible candidates for a trip on the sub.

So this video explores the problem and looks at finding a solution. It touches on a bigger issue and that is that being tops keyword search results may not actually be reaching your market. Keyword marketing is aiming at topics and not markets, and that is just the way it is. We will look at the implication of topics and markets in a future video.

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