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Today we’re gonna be talking about how to build online businesses and then sell them for massive profits. I’m really excited. I’m all in on this and

it’s just gonna be an epic journey. I’m just super excited. So my first word of advice is to anybody out there who’s ever made $1 online if you made $1 you should probably keep doing whatever it did that got that dollar because the funny thing is, this is going full circle. Literally the first dollar I ever made online was selling websites. So I got hooked onto like marketing and then I jumped on to the drop shipping thing when that was the cool thing to do drop shipping still pretty cool but

and I had I

had three websites. My first one was good Yogi’s calm, a yoga website, and then my next one will Lucky’s locker room

I sold like video games and weird stuff. And then I had another one that was

was dog stuff like dog toys and like, weird stuff. And I would try and dropship stuff from China and I sold a whole bunch of them. But in order to get the product, it took 30 days to get to the customer and by that point they were pissed. I was pissed. And it was just like a ridiculous business plan. But what I was doing is I wound up selling all three of those websites I sold good Yogi’s for 400 sold Lucky’s locker for 500 I sold the dog one for like 800 bucks or something like that. And I made more money selling the websites than I ever did, you know, set drop shipping or doing anything with it, but I was able to get some traffic, this whole process that we’re going to be going through today. I call him making his money sites, okay, so build and sell online businesses and the whole idea is that we’re going to have endless scalability power. And it’s just incredibly powerful to know that if you get into one of these niches and you create a website, it builds it up over time that the profits are endless because there’s always going to be customers in that niche is only going to be people looking for the answers are learning about those and it’s just going to build and build and build. So now we’re gonna get to the brass tacks of building these money sites. First one is needed domain your domain is going to cost between 12 and $27. If you’re going to buy the protection of your information so if you’re going to any hosting your hosting is going to be about 100 bucks a year. You can probably get it for cheaper but good hosting you know hundred bucks a year is reasonable. Your theme to build it is about 89 bucks a year I’ll be using Divi and Thrive Themes to build all mine. I might mess around with Elementor I don’t know. And then email marketing, you’re going to need a CRM, most CRM, Zoho Up to your first thousand emails. And then here’s where most of the money that you’re going to spend is going to be. It’s going to be on research. So the one SEO tool that I just can’t live without right now is called surfer SEO. And it’s awesome. And then surfer SEO and then I think it’s called like mangos, keyword research. Those are the only two tools that I’m willing to pay, but they’re 59 bucks a month. 59 bucks a month is 708 bucks a year. But what’s cool about surfer SEO is it tells you exactly when you are creating or when your competition is creating content publishing how long the the content that they’re publishing is, is and where they’re getting most of their traffic from, as well as all the other keyword research so that that’s the way to be. So your basic super basic costs, right? If you’re bootstrapping it is going to be $217 a year. Okay? If you’re going to be buying the research tool, and you’re going to be going

All in on it, it’s gonna be 925 bucks per year, which is nothing. Okay, let me explain why it’s so exciting. You’re gonna you can spend 215 bucks, we’ll just say that 215 bucks for business for a whole year. And then after. So in order to get profitable, it takes about three months to get to authority mode after your authority mode takes about three more months to become profitable. That’s only six months invested at nine months, you’re in the green for the rest of the business’s life for these affiliate sites. So you have to you just have to have markets, stamina, basically, and you have to build these websites, but you spend 215 bucks per year that’s just for one if you’re going to build multiple like I am, at that cost actually goes down a lot by how many you’re going to build. But you can sell these websites for up to $10,000 it’s called selling them for a multiplier.

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