Build A Hotel Marketing Plan (FREE Template) | Hotel Marketing Strategies Guide Step-By-Step

It’s time to revisit your hotel marketing strategies! Get to the heart of what’s working (and what’s not) so you have an actionable hotel marketing plan ready to go. To make it even easier, use the FREE hotel marketing plan presentation template (linked below) and watch the full video to learn the step-by-step planning process to market your hotel.

Your Hotel Marketing Strategies Guide Step-By-Step:

00:00 How do you build a hotel marketing plan?
00:40 The hotel business planning process
01:22 First thing you need for your hotel marketing plan (Step 1)
02:19 Getting clear on who you are and what you do (Step 2)
03:13 Analyzing your market and competition (Steps 3-5)
09:24 Looking back to look ahead (Step 6)
10:15 Your audience and how they book (Steps 7-8)
12:22 Hotel marketing strategies, tactics, and goals (Steps 9-12)
16:12 Resources you need to achieve your business goals (Step 13)
17:20 Free resource to plan your hotel marketing strategies

Build A Hotel Marketing Plan (FREE TEMPLATE):
📝 Download the FREE hotel marketing plan presentation here:

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👉 What To Include In Your Hotel Marketing Budget:
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👉 36 Free (Or Budget-Friendly) Hotel Marketing Tools:

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