Make Money Online FREELANCING [Best High Paid Jobs] Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites to Start Earning Money Online in 2021

[Best High Paid Jobs] Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites to Start Earning Money Online in 2021

[Best High Paid Jobs] Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites to Start Earning Money Online in 2021 post thumbnail image

In this Amazing Video I am going to Tell you about Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites to Start Earning Money Online in 2021. These Websites are providing the Best High Paid Jobs online. If you are looking for freelance work, then you must try these top 5 freelance sites, it can change your way to think about freelancing. You can find best freelancing jobs on these platforms.

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So if you are working on fiverr, upwork and Freelancer and you are thinking to expand your freelancing career then you must start with these following websites. These 5 websites are alternative to upwork, fiverr and freelancer. Read below to know more about these websites.

Top 5 Best Freelancing websites are below:

1- Seo Clerks:
This website is similar to Fiverr. It has the options to add service for free. You will create listing in seoclerks and people will contact you if they like your service.
If you are experienced in Search engine optimization then this freelancing platform is best for you to start with. It has lot of seo work, mostly backlinks and youtube seo. You can also provide your online skills on that website.

2- People Per Hour:
If you are working on fiverr then you are going to feel comfortable working in People per hour. This website is basically based in UK. It has lot of high paid jobs and also big clients. You will get good results in people per hour.
This website is the mixture of Fiverr and Upwork. Because in people per hour you can sell your services in the shape of gigs and also you can apply for the jobs like upwork.

This is another best freelancing site for every newbie. Its best because you can get your profile approved in just one day. It has lot of foreign clients mostly based in USA. So you can find great work on this freelancing website as well. This website is similar to Upwork and Freelancer. So you can get good results and lot of freelance work on this platform as well. Guru Freelance website is easy compare to Upwork and Freelancer.

4- 99Design.
This website is just designed for Experienced Graphic Designers. If you are expert in Logo design or any kind of Graphic design then you are going to rock on that website. You have to Submit entries on the 99design logo design contest and win the contest if your work is good enough get selected.
You can win logo design contest on 99design if you have practiced Graphic Design skills for many years.
Account approval is really simple on 99design.
You just have to submit your application and they will review it.
After verification of your 99design profile you can get selected.

5- TopTal:
Toptal is another best and bit difficult freelance website to work on. Basically toptal meaning is Top Talent. This website has very tough screening process. If you are a freelancer in the field of Software Developer, Graphic Designer, UX UI Designers then it will be really helpful for you to grow your career with toptal.
Keep in mind that getting approved on TopTal is difficult because only 3% people get approved out of 1000.

These are some best freelancing websites to start freelancing in 2020.
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