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This Will Show You How To Get Your First Sale!

If you listen to all the gurus, making money on the internet sounds easy. You simply create an account on Click-bank, and you will have access to thousands of products that you can promote, without having to create them. You just get people to click on a link where they make a purchase and you get paid thousands of dollars. It all seems like a dream come true!

The reality looks quite different. Many people never make a single cent from their link! Most never even managed to get that link clicked and they don’t have any potential buyers. If that describes you, don’t feel bad. The fact is, the internet truly does generate huge profits for some, but it takes some work on your part.

In general, the reason you have not been successful is, that you do not have the right information. Click-bank offers have so much competition, that someone starting out has a slim chance to compete against the big guys. The e-books sold by the gurus tell you its easy and when you get the information, you don’t even know where to start. Instructions are hard to follow and you will quickly realize, that unless you buy their upgrade, you will be lost. The upgrade however does not solve the problem either.

So what is the alternative if you want a part of the pie and start an affiliate business of their own? Let’s find an alternative source, that does not have such fierce competition, but has unlimited numbers of products for you to promote. Amazon is the place for you to start. It has a fantastic reputation. It has an unlimited number of products and the process is easy.

You simply sign up with Amazon as an affiliate. Pick a product that interests you from their selection of 1000’s of Items and promote it. You can create a free WP Website, Blogger, write an article, create a video, create a free Squidoo Lens that allow you to add your affiliate link, write about the Benefits of the Product, after researching the product and by reading customer reviews. Go to the manufacturer’s website to educate yourself. If you are promoting a product, that you have an interest in, it will actually be fun and you are on your way.

send free targeted traffic to your site by learning on page and off page SEO techniques.

Make your link a “call to action”!

once you master those steps, you will make sales and get paid a commission.

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