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Does your support ticket system automatically manage tickets so your agents never have to look for what needs their attention?

If not, GET the LTD for Fluent Support!

The Fastest WordPress support ticket system and helpdesk plugin.

Fluent Support uses WorkFlow automation for the most important yet mundane tasks you need for efficient support. Create an automation that sort out a ticket instantly to be assigned an agent. Ensuring no tickets will fall through the cracks. Better yet, your support team gets to save time to focus on solving problems instead of finding them.

To enable automatic agent assignment just follow this tutorial. Yes, we know randomly assigning agents to tickets isn’t that big of a deal. That’s why Fluent Support let’s you assign agents based on inboxes, products, and more. If that’s not enough, you can always add custom conditions to
make sure the tickets get the perfect match.

Fluent Support automatically tracks live agent activity so there is no collision between agents. Once an agent is assigned automatically, they’ll be notified instantly when another agent interacts with the support ticket.

In this video we’ll show you how to use automatic agent assignment for specific search terms in a ticket’s contents. If a customer has a refund issue, why not find the right agent for the job? Fluent Support let’s you search for specific terms in a ticket message. If a ticket contains “REFUND” or “Money back”, etc. you can directly assign it to the agent handling post purchase issues.

That’s just a glimpse at how awesome Fluent Support is. Stick around for more awesome tutorials like this.

Read more about how you can scale your support using automation:

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