Astral Projection For Beginners

In the past, scientists never believed in supernatural existence or even spirits or ghosts. However, recent research on experiments with spirits and the results and observations have made them conclude that ‘supernatural existence’ is true.

Theories related to dreams say that the occurrences in the dream are actually the experience of one’s soul in the ‘dream world’. Many have dreamt of heavenly places that look out-of-the-world but they find nothing really fictitious about them. However, after dreaming about these places, they feel refreshed as well as rejuvenated.

Some people feel that they are able to watch their body by moving outside it. Though such a weird feeling lasts for about a few seconds, these kinds of rare experiences make them believe that there is something called supernatural power that exists in every individual. If such powers are tapped, people can do things that are not thought to be possible in the normal sense.

Science has time and again stated that human brain is so powerful that an average individual uses just 10 percent of it actively. The remaining powers are submerged in the sub-conscious mind. People who are able to tap at least a part of this remaining 90% do many things that are considered impossible by ‘normal people’.

Afterlife deals with the life of ghosts or spirits after the individual is dead. This concept believes that the soul of the individual travels what is called the astral plane after death. Astral projection is also similar to this concept; however, the difference is that this concept believes that the individual can travel the astral plane when they are alive itself.