Article Writing For Money – Latest 3 Interesting Ways to Make Money With

This article is for freelance writers who would like to make money by writing and selling articles online. Here’s what you can do to boost your earnings:

1. First, show your prospective buyers what you’ve got. Give them an idea about your writing skills and level of expertise by creating your own online portfolio. Don’t worry as doing this is relatively easy. Create several articles on different topics (it’s important to show your versatility) and post them (under your name) on publishing sites particularly on EzineArticles dot com. At the end of your article, on your resource box, tell your readers who you are and the services that you offer. If they are impressed with your writing skills, there is no doubt that they’ll going to hire you.

2. Explore freelancing sites. These are the websites where you can easily connect with people who need ghostwriters. Before you sign up with any of these sites, read reviews first to make sure that the site you’d sign up with is legit. Then, create a compelling profile that will speak about your expertise and your credibility. This can help you earn the trust and later on, the business of your prospective clients.

3. Pricing. Most established ghostwriters are now charging $5-$12/article. The price will depend on the length of the article and the amount of research required. You can also charge this amount but only if you have already established your name in this industry. However, if you are just starting out, it would be best if you charge a little less ($2-$4/article) to give your potential clients a valid reason to try you out.

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