Arrays & Array functions | PHP for Beginners – Part 7

In this particular video we will learn how to work with arrays in PHP.
We will understand what is an array, how to create it. How to add, remove and update elements.
We will learn some basic array operations, understand how to merge strings.
We will also see some advanced array functions: filter, map, reduce.
We will also work with associative and multidimensional arrays.
We will touch with the mostly used array functions.

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PHP Course for absolute beginners.
This is 5 hours PHP Course and in this course you will learn all the basics you need in PHP.
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In this course we will learn how to work with file system and build Todo App using PHP.
We will learn how to work with Mysql and create Mysql Notes Application.
We will learn how to work with forms and create registration form and implement validation.
We will learn basics of Object Oriented Programming and much more.

We will start with very basics and cover: What is PHP? Why we should learn?
Then we will install working environment and start writing code in PHPStorm.

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Empty Project files (to download) –
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Useful links
Predefined Constants –
Numbers –
Strings –
Array –
PHP Date formatting –
PHP Date parse –
PHP Date parse from format –
PHP file system functions –

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