An Unconventional Rapport Building Tip

I’m glad you’re reading this because you’re about to learn one of the fastest way to build rapport with your prospective customer. And it’s…

NOT finding a common interest

NOT talking in their unique language (i.e., talking differently to accountants than you would to hairdressers)

NOT making them feel special

NOT telling them how wonderful they are

Have you ever noticed how quickly people develop rapport when they are talking about someone they despise? For instance…

– Members of a family being angry with another member of the family

– Environmentalists who hate industrialists

– Keen political followers hate the opposite side

– Two countries having a war (one country hates the other side)

– Business Owners hate the tax man

– And just about everybody seems to hate lawyers

You get the picture! The reality is that often the best way of creating rapport with your reader is to define a common enemy. Here’s a simple paragraph so you can see how you can use this strategy in your ads and sales letters… Think the tax man is operating in your best interest? Well, here are just a handful of examples of the ways our government has found to spend the hard earned money you pay them for taxes:

(Give examples of how much they spend on election advertising, silly research, etc.)

Then follow this up with a sub-headline like… You can (and should) stop supporting this ridiculous waste of money Before you finish reading this copywriting secret, you might want to grab a pen and paper and answer his question: Who is your prospective customers enemy?

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