Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization Tutorial

Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization Tutorial
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There’s a lot of complexity and confusion surrounding Amazon PPC.

Most sellers focus mostly on what campaigns to launch…

But the area I notice them missing out on is campaign optimization.

In other words, what to do once a campaign is up and running?

Most sellers do an occasional check-in to optimize performance.

But the environment is never static and optimal PPC performance depends on frequent and consistent optimization…

And it’s one thing to manage all this work for a handful of products — it’s another thing entirely to manage it for 10+ SKU’s.

The complexity and amount of data points will make your head spin… and without the right kind of system it’s actually impossible to manage properly.

In this video I break campaign optimization down into the simplest possible terms, to get you totally clear on the key things that matter.

This is the first step. And you can manage these key things quite easily if you’re just starting out with a couple of SKU’s.

But if you’re an established seller with a larger business, I also discuss the complexity factor that comes with scale…

…and what it takes to do campaign management properly at scale, so you can get fantastic results across all SKU’s — even with 10,000+ data points to manage.

This information is literally saving many of my client’s $1,000´s in wasted ad spend each month (which software and agencies weren’t able to remove) — and it can do the same for you too.


– How to analyze your products and set targets to ensure campaigns are optimized for the greater good on Amazon (meaning total profit from paid + organic sales)

– What to do when a keyword / ASIN is not generating any sales?

– What to do when a keyword / ASIN is generating sales at a high ACoS?

– Why turning campaign optimization into a consistent weekly workflow is more important than anything else

– Why you must have the right type of system to optimize PPC at scale and how to acquire it

Check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments below?

Here’s the link to the full blog post which includes an mp3 and a transcript:

Wishing you success!
Daniel Audunsson & the team at

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