Make Money Online SEO Amazon Keyword Research Tool | Find profitable keywords for Listing Optimization Using SellerApp

Amazon Keyword Research Tool | Find profitable keywords for Listing Optimization Using SellerApp

Amazon Keyword Research Tool | Find profitable keywords for Listing Optimization Using SellerApp post thumbnail image

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A quick introductory video of SellerApp Amazon Keyword Research tool

Basics of Amazon SEO.

Unlike Google, Amazon SEO factors are all about increasing the likelihood of a purchase.
There are various factors that are involved in increasing the search rank for a keyword. If you want to succeed on Amazon and rank high in search results there are a few factors you’ll have to consider

Keyword Research is the most important step for SEO optimization
Shoppers will want to find exactly what they are looking for. Therefore the keywords they search will also be very specific and mostly will be composed of more than three to four ‘long tail keywords’. This makes Keyword Research the most important factor that influences search positions and ranks. This is why sellers need to focus on Amazon optimization and invest in a good Amazon Keyword tool.

Product relevance is keyword specific
As the search terms differ the products displayed also differs. Based on the search term entered by the user, the SERP results shown by Amazon varies.

Amazon Suggested Keywords are the best bet
Amazon shows auto suggestions based on the keywords that are most searched and are popular among shoppers. SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Research tool helps you find the exact buyer search terms. For each product SellerApp picks up the most relevant Amazon Auto suggets as well as the Keywords that are trending among shoppers.

Creating your keyword lists. We will create 3 different lists; Best Keywords, Good Keywords, and Still Relevant Keywords.

Creating a Best Keywords List.
Download the report: Click on the “Export Data as CSV” link, which is located right above the keyword listings.First extract the most relevant keywords. Sort based on search volume. Filter out keywords that are Amazon suggested/ Trending with high search volume and medium or low competition intensity.

A Good Keywords list would include Amazon suggested/Trending and high search volume and high competition.

Our third list, the Not-so-Great-but-Still-Relevant, would be optionally Amazon suggested/Trending low search volume and low or medium competition.

The best keywords can be placed in as many places as possible – title, description, bullet points.
The good keywords can be used for bullet points and description where necessary.
The not-so-great-but-still-relevant keywords can be added to the list of backend keywords and may also be used for description if they fit well into the copy.

Check out the SellerApp’s blog Posts for a detailed explanation on Amazon SEO and Keyword Research

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