Advantages of Mobile (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Advertising Vlog 3  – Nova Solutions Vlog 3

Advantages of Mobile (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Four major points why mobile PPC is important.

Shamil Shamilov is with Nova Solutions and is an Internet Marketing Consultant for a Toronto SEO and Website Design Company. This vlog is discussing the benefits of Mobile PPC Campaign.

When implement a PPC Campaign for mobile devices as part of your Internet Marketing strategy there are several key benefits to understand. When advertising on a desktop display, you are instantly competing against eight or more visible companies above the fold of the first page.
On a mobile device your ad is typically one of the first 4 that a potential client will see. Another key aspect is urgency. When a potential client is on a mobile device they are less likely to explore several options and websites if they find what they are looking for on your website and if it is one of the first websites they visit. It is just simply not convenient for them to continue searching and shopping around if they already found all relevant information on your website.
Then there is the cost factor. Mobile device paid campaigns are typically lower in cost per click compared to a desktop version and are therefore more effective in the sense of a cost per lead generated. And last but not least is the benefit of a shorter path to conversion.
A mobile campaign could be set up for a one click or tap action which will automatically take the potential client to the dial screen when tapping on a phone number and makes for a more effective and user friendly interaction.

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